Who am I?


My wife said something to me that helped frame a way of thinking when we first met. Someone told my wife about a comment another person made about her. She did not respond to the “messenger” and later made a comment to me when I asked her how she felt about what was said. My wife responded, “My question is, what’s her motivation for telling me that story?”

Over the years I have thought of that response in many different situations. What is a person’s motivation for the things that they say or do. I don’t believe that we are very altruistic as human beings; there always seems to be a reason for our thoughts and actions.

As a Motivational/Inspirational/Informational speaker, I have to judge my motivation for each piece of information that I share. What is the motivation? A friend and confidant asked me after attending a workshop I was speaking at, “Do you remember what you said your speaking goal was when you attended my workshop? Do you believe you are sticking to that goal?” I appreciated that, because somewhere along the line, I got off track. Among the books I penned that I wanted to sell and the new businesses I was opening and all of the other things that were going on, I had gotten away from the basis of why I speak. That basis is: TRUTH.

I speak because I want to share Truth with others. I speak because I have learned some painful lessons that taken years to bounce back from. I speak because there is something within me that must be shared with the world; you can dare to dream and you can reach that dream. We can rise above our challenges knowing that is we do the work and do not give up we will reach the goal, live the dream and walk in the vision.

This is why I speak. I speak to motivate, educate and inspire the world to greatness.



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