Ten The Hard Way; Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy.

Hello everyone, my name is Elliott Eddie and for these few minutes I’d like to share some words that I received from my Uncle Shorty about 40 years ago last month. Uncle Shorty was my father’s twin brother; my father had four brothers and two sisters. Uncle Shorty was the youngest child; younger than my father by two minutes. Although Uncle Shorty never finished high school, he was by no means a dumb person. Actually, he was one of the smartest people I knew, just in ‘life smarts’, you know what I mean? Uncle Shorty knew a little bit about a lot of different things and as a result, he lived a pretty good life. He had his own house, a nice car and he always had money. But to me, what was important was that he always seemed happy; and that’s what I wanted- I wanted to be happy. I wanted to be just like my Uncle Shorty.

I remember one Saturday, Uncle Shorty came to the house to pick me up. My mom had something to do so I was going to hang out with Uncle Shorty for the entire day. As we walked to the train station in New York City, we saw a group of people crowded around a guy using a couple of cardboard boxes as a table. He was playing a game called three card Monte. Some people call it, follow the queen. I’m sure you’ve seen it in the movies; there are two black cards and a red card. The person mixes them up then you bet on which one you think is the red card. I tell you that more people have lost small fortunes on this game that you would imagine.

Uncle Shorty wasn’t a gambler, but it seemed like when he did gamble he won. He was just lucky I suppose. My whole family- from New York to California tried for years to take Uncle Shorty to the casinos with them but he would never go. He would always tell them the same thing,

‘Give me my 10 the hard way, because nothing in life comes easy’.

This made the rest of his siblings mad. Of course no one would say anything to Uncle Shorty’s face, just in case he played a number and won, right, because everybody would want a loan.

I remember this particular Saturday; I walked right up to the three card Monte man as he was taking people’s money. My uncle let me stand there and watch for a minute. I remember being absolutely sure of where the red card was. I was positive. I would bet money on it; if I had some. I looked over at my Uncle and kindness overcame over my heart. I decided that if Uncle Shorty gave me some money to bet on this game, when I won, I’d give him a few dollars out of the kindness of my heart. Since he was taking me out all day, I’d donate a few dollars to the cause.

So I shouted, ‘Uncle Shorty, Uncle Shorty;

I know where the red card is! Please give me some money so we can win. I know we’ll win’.

All of a sudden it seemed like the atmosphere changed. The table owner looked up and smiled;

“Yes, I am sure the young man knows where it ’tis. I can see he is very smart. Tell me young man, where is the red card’?

I pointed with excitement;

“It’s this one, it’s this one’.

The crowded gasped; the man looked at my Uncle;

‘Are you ready to bet sir’?

It seemed like time was standing still, no traffic, no voices, no wind…

Then, out of the silence came this big voice bellowing out laughter…

‘Ha ha ha. Naw baby, you give me my ten the hard way, because nothing worth having comes easy’.

Now, forty years later I think of these words and smile. I smile now because this simple phrase has become truth to me and a measuring stick for all of my goals.

Give me my ten the hard way, because nothing worth having comes easy.

I have learned that it is not enough to dream because progress is only a friend to those that do the work.

I have learned that it is not enough to plan because success is on the side of those that follow through.

I have learned that it is not enough to just believe because growth requires change.

Give me my ten the hard way, because nothing worth having comes easy.

What is the mission? What is that next plateau? What is that project or that business or that effort of love that you are hoping to share with the world?

It’s easy to get caught in a trap of waiting for and wanting to take the easy way.

We can no longer afford to convince and wait for others to do the work that we must do because true passion commands action.

We can no longer afford to listen to the opinions of nay-Sayers nor let them win simply because we deem the work too hard or we fear that if we miss the mark- the fall will be too painful to recover from. That is a lie.

Just because others speak doubt, we cannot afford to also doubt ourselves and our ability to blaze a new trail; simply by letting our light shine.

But today we can change everything.

We can change our future right now by re-envisioning the vision; including every last detail you can see.

We can set the path to our future- right now -by making the decision to plant our feet and not be deterred no matter who it is that speaks doubt; even if that person is ourselves- we continue on…

We solidify our future by putting our hands to the plow and doing the work that it takes to reach our goals every single day. You are in good company; neither passion nor love ever takes a holiday.

That one sentence my Uncle Shorty spoke all those years ago has turned into a life-long battle-cry for me.

When the road gets tough and the way seems dark.

When the wind is blowing fiercely and the thunder all around is deafening. When I stretch out my hand for help and jealousy and greed slap my hand away,

I have learned not to fret.

I have learned not to succumb to stress and dismay.


Because those are the moments to dig deep within yourself, to fortify your heart, to look your opposition in the eyes and say,

That’s ok.

I’ll take my ten the hard way, because nothing worth having comes easy.

If you are ready to soar, email me at ceo@eespeaks.com


Who am I?


My wife said something to me that helped frame a way of thinking when we first met. Someone told my wife about a comment another person made about her. She did not respond to the “messenger” and later made a comment to me when I asked her how she felt about what was said. My wife responded, “My question is, what’s her motivation for telling me that story?”

Over the years I have thought of that response in many different situations. What is a person’s motivation for the things that they say or do. I don’t believe that we are very altruistic as human beings; there always seems to be a reason for our thoughts and actions.

As a Motivational/Inspirational/Informational speaker, I have to judge my motivation for each piece of information that I share. What is the motivation? A friend and confidant asked me after attending a workshop I was speaking at, “Do you remember what you said your speaking goal was when you attended my workshop? Do you believe you are sticking to that goal?” I appreciated that, because somewhere along the line, I got off track. Among the books I penned that I wanted to sell and the new businesses I was opening and all of the other things that were going on, I had gotten away from the basis of why I speak. That basis is: TRUTH.

I speak because I want to share Truth with others. I speak because I have learned some painful lessons that taken years to bounce back from. I speak because there is something within me that must be shared with the world; you can dare to dream and you can reach that dream. We can rise above our challenges knowing that is we do the work and do not give up we will reach the goal, live the dream and walk in the vision.

This is why I speak. I speak to motivate, educate and inspire the world to greatness.


Become a Mentor & Mentee


“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained”.

I will be giving a educational/informational presentation every Sunday at 6pm. This FREE conference call is open to anyone interested in growing and improving their skill set for advancement in all areas of life.

On the first call, I spoke about the importance of becoming a mentor and being a mentee. As we all know, it is important for us to become mentors to other who are trying to achieve and excel in the areas we have information on. There is no greater feeling than providing the information that we have learned in life to someone in desperate need of that information to change their situation and their lives.

But even more important than becoming a mentor, is our desire to become a mentee. We all know that there are no shortcuts in life, you have to learn the lessons as they come. However, there is one shortcut to arriving at the place you are trying to get to; and that is by becoming a mentee. Find someone who has accomplished those things that you are seeking to accomplish. Get the information you need to succeed at a given task. Find out the possible pitfalls before they come. Becoming a mentee is not saying, “I can’t do this on my own”, it is actually saying, “I don’t have to do this on my own”.

Listen to the conference call and gain information that can change your life. Join the conference call and take the steps to change your life, reach your goals and live your dream. Then contact me if you need more information.


Elliott Eddie                                                                                                                                              Motivate. Educate. Inspire.

Are You A Creative Person?

0D768387-859D-4CFE-9358-2E40638A8524“The only truly happy people are children and the creative minority.” – Jean Caldwell

Have you ever watched a six-year old at play? They are curious and very creative in their games. They don’t know yet, what they don’t know. Their creative limits have no bounds; no one has told them that they can’t do something. They’re fearless explorers, artists, or musicians; some are even comedians in the making. They have not yet been pressured to conform and they think they can do anything and that nothing is beyond their capabilities.

Research has shown us every human being is capable of creative thought. We have creative abilities that show up very early in life. Studies show that the average adult thinks of only three to four alternate ideas for any given situation, while the average child can come up with sixty. They have proven that as far as creativity is concerned, quantity equals quality. Having the subjects- make a list of ideas, they have shown that the longer the list, the higher the quality of the final solution. The very best ideas usually appear at the end of the list.

Actually, creativity is bred into us as humans; it’s in our genes – a part of our very DNA. Unfortunately, as we grow older, the pressures of having to grow up, go to school, get a job, all seem to repress our creative tendencies. The stress of everyday living, coupled with occasional dilemmas, leaves us too drained to be truly creative. But creativity is power and is essential to our well-being. Without creativity, our lives become predictable, routine, boring, and pedantic. The good news is we can all be highly creative. Now I know you’re saying, “But I’m not at all creative. I can’t paint or even draw a straight line, I don’t know one note from another, and I’ve never been able to write worth a darn. Poetry? Don’t make me laugh!”

We are all creative in our own way. We simply have to recognize our own unique talents and skills. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you constantly looking for new goals, something new to accomplish?
  2. Do you like to look at what already exists and ask “What if?”
  3. When you try something new and different, does it make you feel smarter?
  4. Do you enjoy teaching someone a new skill?
  5. Are you good at problem solving?

Then you are a “creative” person! Creativity doesn’t always result in a tangible product. Sometimes its ideas, problem solving, or teaching; but it is indeed, creativity in action. Creativity enables us to better ourselves, develop awareness, and expand our horizons as well as those of other people.

When the potential for creativity meets the promise of skill, you’ve made contact with the creative spirit. There’s no holding you back now. You’ve received that flash of inspiration, that “aha!” moment of illumination, and you are ready to take those creative risks.

Now, you’re probably wondering exactly what it is that you need to do to assure yourself of creative success. You do need certain tools and skills to accomplish this task. First, you need a certain expertise in whatever arena you’ve chosen to pursue your creativity in. If you have zero knowledge in the field of science, odds are you will not make the next fantastic breakthrough in medicine or invent the replacement for the wheel. You must find the field that is your special interest and skill setting. Some expertise is essential for success.

The next tool essential for your success is the ability to think creatively in your chosen field – being able to imagine a whole realm of possibilities. That includes the ability to turn things over in your mind until you find the answer. Persistence is required – that determination to keep on tackling a problem until you solve it. Know when to turn things upside down and look at them differently. You must know when to nurture the process of creativity and when to let it rest in your mind until it’s ready to fly free.

Another vital tool in this search for creativity is courage – to be willing to take the creative risks and try something you’ve never tried before. You have to be open to whatever new possibilities are presented to you. You never know when ideas will come.

Lastly, you must have passion – the desire to succeed no matter what. It doesn’t matter what the end prize happens to be or what manner of compensation you might receive. The passion is all that’s important – the desire to make whatever works, no matter what. Albert Einstein said, “Sticking to it is the genius.” Most importantly, you must face any creative risk with the mind of a child. Childhood is when creativity first comes to you. Will it grow or be stunted? You should play like a child.

Children may not realize it, but playtime is actually a learning process. It’s the brain’s favorite way to learn. The child learns about math, verbal skills, music, and visual arts during playtime. They learn to explore and they learn the thrill of discovery. They learn about their own culture and others as well.

So, is it true that children are more creative than adults are? During the Industrial Revolution, two hundred years ago, this country devised the educational system and started training people to be good little workers and always obey instructions. This didn’t leave much room for individuality or nonconformity in our thinking. The good news is that today’s educational system, for the most part, allows children to be more freethinking and creative.

Childlike creativity should be studied and emulated. Let yourself think that anything, even something outrageous, is possible. This will help you develop creative connections. The non-creative mind says, “I can’t,” but the creative mind says, “I can and here’s how!” If you can see, speak, hear, remember and understand, you too can be creative. Never, ever say you’re not creative. Whatever you believe or disbelieve about yourself, you’re right.

How do you feel about being creative? Do you tie creativity to strange, artsy, or flaky behavior? Do you feel suspicious of those with that description? Or maybe you automatically tie creativity with extremes of madness or psychosis. “I’m too down to earth to be creative!” you protest.

Sometimes you are in possession of facts already known to the world at large. The difference is in your organization and interpretation of those facts. Perhaps your creativity lies in your ability to take a room full of people and convince them to make a buying decision. Maybe you’ve saved your company millions of dollars with a single idea. Ever resolved a conflict in your family or company? Guess what? You’re creative!

Maybe you’ve even been told how talented you are in a particular area; you may even know it to be true. So why be shy about it? But what do you do about it? How do you go about unleashing all that talent? How do you nurture it?

Let’s go back to the idea of being more childlike, unhampered by daily life and stress. Let’s play! Grab a drawing pad and colored pencils, and draw circles and patterns. If you have children of your own, borrow one of their coloring books and crayons, and join them in the coloring fun. Make objects of outrageous colors, just as children do. Color outside the lines, way outside the lines! Find yourself some clay or Playdoh and start sculpting; it doesn’t have to be anything in particular; just have fun with it. Squish it, cut it, slice it, and then mash in all together again. Try making shapes with the clay.

Now you’re asking, “What on earth is the purpose of all that nonsense?” Well, there is no purpose, you just need to play, have fun, and be free. It’s amazing how much your brain will appreciate this ‘no purpose’ playtime. You suddenly discover that you’re more relaxed. You may even feel happy. Even your skills, and give your creative personality the attention it needs and deserves? You’d trust your own creative passions, be capable of solving any problem, and embrace your own creativity as a part of your very life – one of the necessary components to your happiness and mental health. Remember that pure enjoyment is a key ingredient in your creative life. Eileen Caddy said, “Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.”

breathing rhythm is different while you’re playing. Instead of the short, shallow breaths you take when you’re stressed, you’re now breathing deeply. You’re not experiencing the ‘fight or flight’ sensation. You’re totally relaxed. You need to push the worries and stress aside once in a while. Do not worry about problems or deadlines, and just play, with no purpose whatsoever.

Just a few minutes a day of the ‘no purpose’ play will make a world of difference in your creativity, problem solving, mediating, teaching, or anything else that you do. You’ll soon realize it’s time to take that talent to the next level, so let that creativity come out more often and let yourself go. Stephen Nachmanovitch once said, “The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.”

Keep in mind though, that talent is not enough. Let me repeat this. You must have absolute passion and discipline to develop your creativity. You must be dedicated to commit to your talent.

What does the word creative make you think about? Breathtaking art? Totally original thinking? Exciting musical composition? Astonishing inventions? Have you let yourself believe that it’s impossible for you to be creative?

You may have let yourself become a creature of habit over the years. Have you condemned yourself to be incapable of creative thought? Perhaps you’ve been stuck in a rut or boring routines, and you feel that you couldn’t possibly be capable of change.

Now, imagine how your life would be if you’re allowed to live it creatively, every day. You know you’re creative and talented. What if the world around you treated you as such and you were allowed to nurture that talent, enhance your skills, and give your creative personality the attention it needs and deserves? You’d trust your own creative passions, be capable of solving any problem, and embrace your own creativity as a part of your very life – one of the necessary components to your happiness and mental health. Remember that pure enjoyment is a key ingredient in your creative life. Eileen Caddy said,

“Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.”

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